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High School Season is Over - NOW WHAT??

Your High School season has ended and players are now wondering what to do. They are no longer practicing or playing games five or six days of the week and find themselves with "extra" time.

Some players will do nothing during the Summer. Others will sign-up and play on a Summer Ball Team. Most however should be finding ways to improve. Today I will outline a general breakdown on what you should be doing if you were a Varsity player, JV player and/or Fresh/Sophomore player this past season.

Varsity Player:

  • Consistent playing time

  • Take a short 7-10 day break then begin working and playing for your Summer Ball Team (practices and tournaments).

  • Should attend 1-2 Showcases if you have an upper level velocity on both throwing and hitting.

  • Continue to workout regularly and developing your skill work

  • Limited Playing Time

  • Hit the GYM and development hard after your week break.

  • Find a Summer Team you can be on with plenty of playing time that allows you to develop (limited tournaments)

JV Player:

  • Develop all your skills and get in the GYM

  • Limit your game work (find a team that you can join that doesn't play a ton)

As a JV player you need to develop your skills and get stronger. There is no reason to attend Showcases if you have limited ability to show.

Freshman/Sophomore Player:

  • Take a short break (7-10 days) and then get back at it with a team who will assist in your development

  • Hit the GYM regularly with a plan on adding strength and speed

  • Skill Development is key to a young athlete

Before you mention that your child is different just remember that these are general guidelines. However every age group should focus on DEVELOPMENT and STRENGTH during the Summer months.

I'd like to help your athlete reach their overall goals - please reach out to me with any questions. Go out there and enjoy the work.

"Achieve Greatness"

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