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Coaching Younger Age Players

Last night I was at the local baseball field and noticed a few things as coaches/parents we really need to work on. I was there observing a young player that I've been working with - I wanted to see if the practice work has translated into his games. But while I was there I noticed that the coaches on both teams never moved kids around to other positions, they kept the infielders on the dirt and the outfielders in the outfield. 

Kids at this age, 6-9 years old, need to experience all areas of the game. These players should all rotate to different positions each inning - because how else will they learn the proper skills to play a difficult game. As coaches we have to remember that this age group is all about learning the proper skills and being a great teammate which respecting the opposition.

It was obvious to me and others at the field that the coaches had their favorites and kept these players in key areas - and before people freak out and tell me that I don't care about winning, let me remind you that I do care about winning and losing. However the development of the player is #1 in my book. Because at this young age is when kids are either making the decision about continuing with baseball or moving to another sport.

So coaches I ask that you challenge each player and move them to all defensive positions so they may learn while having fun. You are not there to win youth baseball games - YOU are there to teach/mentor these kids in the proper techniques of the game. 

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