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Active Preseason - Training to Compete

At this point in the training program you should be training five times per week to be in peak performance by the start of Spring Training. The objective during this phase is to lift heavier weights for more sets and fewer reps. This will teach the body to turn on more fast twitch muscle fibers. Aerobic fitness focus during this time is Sprints for speed and acceleration. Do plyometrics twice a week. Warm up and stretch properly before workouts; cool down after them. Play catch and swing the bat three to five times per week.

Remember that the goal is to arrive to Spring Training/Tryouts (in 4-6 weeks) ready to compete for a roster position, not to get in shape.

Speed/Quickness Workout:

Reaction Drill: ball drop (2 x 5): forward facing and lateral

First Step Quickness: Ladder drill (2 sets each): forward, backwards, Icky shuffle, backward Icky

Speed-Strength: Squat and Touch: forward/back (4 x 5), side/side (4 x 5)

Strength/Power Workout:

Position Player (5 x 10 reps): DB Lunge, calf raises, leg press, leg curl, leg extension, back extension, DB lateral lunge

Pitchers (5 x 10 reps): Lunge, calf raises, leg press, leg curl, leg extension, back extension, DB lateral lunge

Shoulder (all players): J-Band routine, forward raise, lateral raise, reverse fly, internal/external rotation, shoulder extension, push up and reach back, modified pull up

Plyometrics: box pop-up (1 x 10), 12" box jump (1 x 5), 24" box jump (1 x 5), 36" box jump (1x 5)

To check where you stand in your training below is a small readiness test you can try:

One and a half mile run: 10:00-11:00 completion time

Sit and Reach: pitchers should be able to reach 5-7" past their toes when seated and bottom of feet are placed against a 12 inch high box, position players should be able to reach 3-5" past their toes

5-10-5 Drill: place cones five yards a part for fifteen yards, players starts at the middle cone and runs to one cone then the other while finishing at the start cone. Pitchers should complete this in 8.3-9.2 seconds and position players should finish in 8.2-9.1 second.

30-second Cone Hop: jump over a 12" cone in a repetitive manner non stop for 30 seconds. Pitchers should end with 58-65 hops. Position players should have 60-71 hops.

Go out and work hard!! Remember that you want to earn the position not get into shape during Spring Training Camp/Tryouts. This workout will assist you in getting their however practicing your skill with also help. Take about 50-80 swings per day three times per week (raise your swing total by 20 swings each day until you reach 500 per day). Please note this includes dry swings, tee work, front toss, BP work.

"Achieve Greatness"

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