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How Hard are YOU Actually Working?

Are you actually working towards a specific goal or are you just going through the motions. Every player I coach I always start off with the simple question of .... "What do you need to work on?". This is usually when the player looks at mom/dad and they expect them to answer (some parents do try). I immediately jump in and tell the player that it is their game not their parents and they need to be specific on their own goals within the game.

Most parents take this really well as they understand that their kid is on the field alone and is set to succeed or learn all by themselves.

So with the off-season winding down I ask you are you going through the coaches motions or are you being specific in your training. As a coach of a high school team and individual private instructor I make sure all the ownership is on each individual. If the individual gets better then the overall skill of the team will increase.

Pushing players is a tough endeavor yet when a player wants to learn and get better on their own, a coach will never have to motivate or inspire them to strive for greatness. When the season begins parents, coaches and other players immediately know who on the field has been working hard during the off-season.

Get in the cage and on the field on your own because this is the time where you can grow. Don't think for once you need another person there with you - research your goals and design a plan to make them happen.

"Achieve Greatness"

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