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Off-Season: "new" you

With the Summer Baseball/Softball season winding down most will immediately stop working. However those "elite" players are never on a break. Now I don't recommend the heavy/hard throwing that one did during the season, but I do recommend doing some hitting work and light throwing. These should be specific to YOUR own needs.

Go out and build your body and mind.

If you are focused and determined, you can gain 5-10+ pounds of muscle in the "off-season" which will exponentially improve your velocities (hitting and throwing) and speed on the field. However you would have to stay the course with your off-season workouts and know that you will not see the results immediately. But when the season comes around everything will be shown to every one out there.

Go out and start your program TODAY!! If you need any assistance please reach out and we will be glad to guide you along your way.

"Achieve Greatness"

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