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School Is In Session

School has started and those players wanting to make a difference for their program are quickly figuring out how to plan their days. With workouts, classes, studying, and nutrition needs to plan out. What are you doing to make this a little easier?

A couple of things you can do is get yourself on a schedule. All cell phones have a calendar app and if someone was to look at this they will quickly be able to determine what your priorities are in your life right now.

All kids (and some adults) do not fill in their calendars with what is necessary to succeed in their life. All of this is based on each individual goal. With goals, each area of your life should have a goal (finance, school, sports, spiritual, work, nutrition, etc.). I dare each of you to try this for 30 days - schedule everyday (from wake-up to bed time) your plan of how you will succeed on each day, yes even the weekends.

I telling you this from experience. The days I plan everything out I feel like I've succeeded and accomplished everything and I have hope that I will reach my goals. When I don't plan I find myself just stumbling through life and at the end of the day, more often than not, I really didn't accomplish anything that I was suppose to do.

With Student/Athletes the schedule is tough. You will miss classes to compete in your respective sport/activity. Do you have a plan to stay current on all of your classes? Your calendar can keep you on track or better yet get you ahead.

Go out and plan your success and watch it happen right before everyone's eyes.

Use this 30 day method and schedule everything out then let me know how it turned out for you.

"Achieve Greatness"

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