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Off-Season Focus

Its officially the off-season and as coaches we are focused intently on the Spring season that is quickly approaching. For most, the schedule is finalized and the Spring Trip is planned out. Now the focus turns to getting our athletes better in the weight room and in the class room.

Some of the ways I do this for my players is follow up with their teachers and let them know that we are partners in the students school careers. I have even gone as far as doing classroom checks. I want my players to know that I care not only about sports but them as a complete person.

With regards to the weight room we use a grouping with dumbbells and plyometrics and some cardio mixed in. Cardio is not a big focus early in the off-season as I need my players to get stronger and familiar with the weight room, some have zero experience in this area.

Check out some of the workouts I've posted before in my blog as they are still used to this day with some slight edits for plyo movements.

To recap the off-season focus for my groups:

1. School/Class work

2. Weight room

3. Sleep/Nutrition

4. Sport Specific needs

If you or your athlete need any please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email, text, or DM because I'm here to help you navigate the road ahead.

Go out and tackle the week ahead!

"Achieve Greatness"

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