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Are you Ready??

Summer Season is in full swing; how are you progressing??

  • Did you have detailed items to work on?

  • Are you getting better each day?

  • Are you making plans to improve yourself in a way where your team gets better?

When players look at Summer Season they should look at this as one of two ways:

  1. This is your focus season. This means that this is the season that you want to perform in. If you are a high school athlete this is where you travel to showcases and your travel team is in the major tournaments in order for you and your teammates to get noticed by colleges.

  2. This is your working season. This is for those that are focused on high school or Spring Season and they can still get game reps in while working on other things.

No mater what summer is to you, you should be still in your best shape and you should be thinking about challenging yourself on a daily basis. This time in not a time to relax. You should still be doing the core items multiple times a week (weight room, defensive reps, offensive reps, and pitching/catching reps).

Go out there and "Achieve Greatness"

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