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Training vs Summer Ball Games

The time has come for some athletes to make a decision. Do you continue to play games all Summer and into Fall or Do you train and build on your skills so your ready for next Spring?

Most kids and parents will choose the route of play a ton of games. Now don't get me wrong games are fun however games should be used to measure where you stand as a player. Games are not to be used to get better -- that is what training if for!

In my personal opinion all upper grade athletes should use their "off-season" to train on their skill and build strength. The goal should be to come into Spring tryouts ready to go for the season. If they built strength and strengthened their skills they will have a successful Spring season.

Games are good -- but that is not where you get better. Games are only to show everyone else the amount of hard work you've put in the off season and where you need to improve. So if you choose games please don't think this is the way. When you look at college and professional athletes they use their "off-season" to get stronger in all areas of their respective game. Why wouldn't a high school athlete do the same?

Go out and build a plan to get stronger and figure out what skills you lack, then perform your plan so you can be ready for your Spring season.

If you need help with a plan feel free to reach out and I'd be glad to help anyone. Or you can go to your local coach for some advice.

"Achieve Greatness"

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