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Coaches that Care or Do They?

Another night at the ballpark and yet another representative of baseball coaches that set a poor example.

As I was watching this 9U game (had a pupil of mine playing in it) I couldn't help but notice the opposite coach complaining and yelling on every play. Don't get me wrong I understand some of the frustration that coaches feel during a game, I coach high school baseball myself, however there was no excuse for a coach to yell at the umpires or the kids on every play.

The score of this game was well out of reach 12-4 and this coach decided to continue to argue everything (umpire calls, ball/strikes, and even where the opposing players were standing in the box).

Coaches I continue to urge you to remember that you represent not only yourself and your team but you stand for your organization and the parents of the kids you lead.

Please be vigilant about all your actions and represent the kids, their families, and the sport in a positive light.

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