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What are you doing to get stronger during the off-season??

There are numerous teams and players which have entered the offseason portion of their program that have no idea what to do to prepare for next season.

First thing players and coaches should be doing is reflecting on the past season - what went well and what is needed to improve on. My strong belief is that all players should have a journal and in this they should document how they feel (sore or not), what they worked on that day (weight room and practice), and their mental state. Without the proper documentation you never know what is working and what doesn't.

Next a plan needs to be constructed to rebuild the strength that was lost throughout the previous season. Was their an arm issue along the way and if you are documenting what was the possible cause.

Typically the plan will consist of some active recovery (bodyweight exercises) which will lead into the more strenuous weight room workouts. A typical offseason should consist of the following:

- Postseason/Active Rest (weeks 1-4): which should start 1-2 weeks after your team has ended their season

- Off-Season (weeks 5-12)

- Pre-Season 1 (weeks 13-18)

- Spring Training (weeks 19-24)

This is just a general plan and can be adjusted for your specific needs. Going forward we will look into what should be in each of these areas.

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