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Plea for Coaches!!

Coaching is a difficult job but one of the most rewarding job out there. Coaches have to wear multiple "hats" when working with a player or team.

Coaches must be a :

1. Teacher

2. Parent

3. Role Model

4. Tutor (for older kids)

5. Confidant

6. Trouble Shooter

7. Manager

8. Planner

9. Individual/Team assessor


The above list is just a fraction of what a coach must be every day in the lives of their players. Coaches at the younger age group (4-15 year old) need to focus on development and building the love of the game. Lately in some areas coaches in this age group only think about the "now". Coaches seem to forget or just don't care about their players futures in the sport. I've been working with more and more players that have been "abused" by coaches. The word abuse is not the actual hitting or touching of players; but it is to be meant as physical (i.e. allowing players to throw too many pitches) and mental (i.e. yelling at players). With the young age players they don't know how to talk to coaches about injuries so coaches please talk to your team and ask them questions.

If questions are asked your players will talk to you more about life because they actually believe that you care for them as a person and not just as a player in the sport. Earn trust by communicating with each player about their personal life. Win them over by caring and loving each one individually.

Please remember that on your team their likely will not be a future professional athlete; more than likely you will have a future mother, father, husband, wife, lawyer, doctor, mechanic, manager, and possibly a coach. Go out and teach them how to be the best of these things and make them love the game.

"Achieve Greatness"

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