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Head Coaching Life: High School

Life as a head coach begins and there is so many behind the scenes issues that a head coach must deal with which parents and kids do not realize. For instance, upon accepting the head baseball coaching position at a local high school here I have had to inventory all items that we have (practice shirts, socks, uniforms, belts, baseballs, jackets, hats, pants, etc.) as well as get an order in for some items which might take some time to complete (anything with logos/embroidery). All of this plus making sure that any potential player is working in the weight room and in the classroom. For our team I have decided that we will not be playing any Fall season games as most of the players have not had a rest since last September. I want their arms to properly recover for the upcoming Spring season. Instead our focus is strength (mental and physical) this off-season.

The players will be pushed to take ownership of their time, nutrition, and setting a clear course for their goals. For some this will be a new endeavor as they embark on taking charge of their lives.

Being a part of this journey for them is what makes coaching worth it. I look forward to seeing what type of players they become and why type of young men they turn out to be.

"Achieve Greatness"

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