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Players, coaches, and parents - - with the summer heat quickly approaching its high we need to remind every athlete to HYDRATE. Water is the most important drink for all.

For those that are not playing, they should get a minimum of at least 8 full glasses of water in per day (8 oz glasses). And the starting players need a minimum of 12-14 glasses of water on non-game days and minimum of 16 glasses on game day.

Current temp in the southwestern part of the US will reach around 100* for this weekend and most parents and players only think about hydration during the activities/game day.

However the most important time to hydrate is the day prior to your event/competition. This day the athlete should drink an extra half gallon of water which will allow the body to hydrate all areas (muscles, organs, and aid with tendon elasticity). When this is done properly the athlete has a head start on it competition and is ready to compete at the highest level. During the activity of choice a player should have another 5-9 ounces every 15-20 minutes, athletes should have water or another sports drink (Gatorade or Powerade) during this time. Coaches should make sure players are hydrating during every possible break as this keeps their athletes thinking and playing at their best.

If you want your players to be elite then you have to show them the way to stand out. Being an elite athlete is just not about just playing the sport; it's being elite with all of the things that the sport encompasses (nutrition, weight room workouts, rest, practice, and games). Don't let something as simple as hydration/nutrition make you fall short of your goals. If an athlete works hard in the weight room and practice and also gets proper rest the nutrition/hydration side can quickly derail the success one might have. A decrease in hydration can quickly cause an athlete to miss a ball to lack concentration. Keep them hydrated and you keep them sharp for the tough moments.

If you have any questions on elite level training for your athlete don't hesitate to reach out. Go out and perform at your best and have fun.

"Achieve Greatness"

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