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High School Coaches Life: Part III

As we are more than 2/3 of the way through the season some coaches are looking at the Playoffs or even the Summer. Currently my team is looking at the Playoffs and where they might be seeded, but with 5 games remaining in the season it could go any way from #2 or #4 seed in our region.

Keeping players motivated with this very difficult as they are only happy to make the Post-Season. Where as a coach I look at who we could possibly match up against. Yet I also look at how far the team has come this season.

I look at how last year they missed the Playoffs and finished last in Region. I look at how the players have battled adversity both on and off the field. And how we have come out stronger as a unit. So with those things I look at our season as a SUCCESS already no matter where we end up.

We will continue to work hard on a daily basis and have a little fun along the way. As a first year head coach of a struggling school I have grown. I look at myself and how I've had to let go of a few tasks (i.e. Pitching Staff) so I can concentrate on the bigger picture, the team as a whole.

I'm proud of my kids and I Love Them - we've argued, we've fought, we've hugged, we've cried, we've cheered... all because we are FAMILY!! Families will do all of these things which is who we are.

As a coach I beg you to remember why you do this, how you impact a young mind, how just your presence can bring light to a dark moment, but most of all how as a coach you become part of a players life forever.

"Achieve Greatness"

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