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Leading the incoming group during the Summer Baseball season

With Summer Ball we talk about focusing on "your flaws". If you're a hitter that has a problem with hitting the ball to the opposite field; ALL you should be doing in the summer season is hitting balls the other way. For coaches Summer Baseball is not for winning trophies - this is a development time for you and your players to focus on certain items in there areas of need.

At my school and what I preach is coming into each game/at bat with a specific task in mind. Players goals can change from at bat to at bat depending on situation. For our incoming freshman I want to see them play and see what type of knowledge they have about the game. Do my young players know their roles when on the field, so will and some will struggle.

For a young player coming into our program I look at their skill level and if they are eager to learn. If they have the hunger and means to execute their goals. I prefer to have players with some skill that are eager to get better than to have others who are loaded with skill that are okay with where they are. You cannot teach hunger in a player - players are who they are because of their environment and where they came from. Its your job as a coach to work around/within this environment.

We want our players to be themselves and find where they fit within our program. As coaches our job is to mentor them in a positive way to where they will succeed in the classroom and on the field.

Coaches should ask the following questions to every player during Summer Ball:

1. How are things going? School? Baseball (other sports)?

2. How are you feeling today?

3. What are your goals for today? (at the plate and on the field)

4. Did you reach your goals for the day?

5. Are you having fun?

These are all just basic questions and you can alter this to your ultimate goals as a program. Also coaches remember to take some time for yourself and your family. You also need some time away from the field to recharge your batteries.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

"Achieve Greatness"

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